Our First Post

Ah our first entry for our geocaching blog! What a momentous, emotional time (sniff sniff).

FoxTail and I had a great time getting in a few caches this Sunday. We just finished a day spending it with family from "up north" and got back in time with a little bit of daylight left. So ... what to do but go caching!!!

We hunted down the River of Ithilien and found it pretty easy. A nice simple cache in an "urban park" setting. Just a bit off a walkway and indeed, right next to a babbling stream (river). It's amazing to see how much water is around So Cal after all these rains. I'll be curious to find out whether or not it hangs around in the hot dry summer.

Then for our 200th (insert fanfare music here) cache we found Zelda's Hero's Crabby Patty. A clever micro micro hide near a nice eating establishment.

We then hunted down 2 more of Dan-O's (Oh, oh Dan-Oh): Bingo and Hanging Around. Both very clever and well designed.

Okay, 'nuff for now.


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