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Show 466.1: PMM – Google Glass

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On this geocaching nano-show we chat about geocaching with Google Glass and the latest updates to the Geocaching iPhone app.

Geocaching iPhone App

Geocaching with Google Glass (video by RangerFox)

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1 comment to Show 466.1: PMM – Google Glass

  • Pallefj86

    Hi Triple S ^_^ My geoname is Pallefj86 and Im from Denmark. Im listening to your show every week. Good job ;)
    Im glad to hear a arent the only comic geek geocaching out there. A few days back I found this geocoin, it has severial thousent km on its wings but noone has taken a single picture of it on its jurney. :-/ I happent to attent an upcomming anime event. And that changed it ;D Take a look http://coord.info/TB37RAF I know how mutch I myself love to see some pictures of my trackebles. Sorry about the spelling and gramma :) and keep up the good work ;) Pallefj86

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