Show 481.0: Sole Caching

On our geocaching podcast today, we share about a CITO weekend coming up in Great Britain.

We also have a story of geocaching and genealogy, a question about asking permission, the story of 3 continents in one day, earth sandwich geocaches, shoes that tell you where to turn and much more.
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Links mentioned in the show
These Vibrating Smart Shoes Tell You Where To Turn
7 Souvenirs GEOCACHING Contest! #7SofA - by the GCdoc
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GEOCACHE TYPE? [#7SofA] Socializer (Contest Open) - by the Geocaching Vlogger

Land & Win - a geocache near an old dutch house in New York

The Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB)
Bookmark list for GAGB Annual weekend CITO events

Getting Permission To Hide Your Geocache
Getting Permission
Cache Placement Request Letter

Earth Sandwich: Upper Crust
Earth Sandwich: Lower Crust

NEW CONTEST: Ideas for Show 500

Borg Cube - Resistance is Futile - special geocoin from Cache-Advance

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One Response to Show 481.0: Sole Caching

  1. Kittykatch August 21, 2014 at 4:23 am #

    I picked up the Upper Crust in July 2013 and hope to pick up the lower crust in Melbourne in the next six months. The cache in SF was very cool and I am more determined then ever to complete the challenge after hearing about the cache on your show…
    Cheers and happy caching
    Canberra Australia

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