Show 482.0: Accidental Find

On our geocaching podcast today, we share the story of an unexpected and accidental find that turned out to be kind of amazing.

We also have a report from the NorthStar Geoseekers in Northern Minnesota, some feedback on ways to get to a cache, the BBC type cache in Montreal, "advanced camo techniques" in the news and much more.
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Links mentioned in the show
Researchers Create Camouflage Tech Modeled After Octopus Skin
Geocache - the oldest active cache in Washington
Profile for User: ECM41

A geo-flash in a park in Sebastapol
The geocacher’s guide to the galaxy

North Star GeoSeekers - Geocaching in Northern Minnesota
NSGS 1 - beginning of the series
NorthStar GeoSeekers 2nd Annual GeoSeekn' Weekend

Mingo - the oldest active cache in the world
Peanuts or Pretzels travel blog

Vanuatu's Volcano
Project MUNICH2014 - first ever GIGA event!

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Borg Cube - Resistance is Futile - special geocoin from Cache-Advance

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