Show 590.0: Visit Utah GeoTour

On our geocaching podcast today we have an extended interview with Ben, Danny and Chris about the Visit Utah Geotour. You’ll be interested to hear about how it started and some of the unique features of this Geotour. We also share some sad geocaching news out of Texas, a news story about a GPS leading a man into a river and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Man drives into river after GPS told him to
TGA Facebook post about Prime Reviewer

Visit Utah Geotour at the Visit Utah website
Visit Utah Geotour list of caches at

Utah GeoTour-Davis - Beautiful Urban Trails - Railroader921’s high favorite right off the interstate
Utah GeoTour-Summit- Park Your CacheMobile - HikingSeal’s high favorite modeled after a WVTim cache
Utah GeoTour-Tooele - We Come in Peace - Group Project
Utah GeoTour-Sanpete-Spring City Multi #1 - josephaw’s history cache in Spring City
Utah GeoTour-Emery-Goblin Valley State Park
Utah GeoTour-Uintah-Fantasy Canyon
Utah GeoTour-Box Elder - Devil's Playground
Utah GeoTour-Daggett - Red Canyon Rim
Pickle Pie at the SunGlow Café in Bicknell, UT

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2 Responses to Show 590.0: Visit Utah GeoTour

  1. thomfre April 19, 2017 at 4:38 am #

    I was inspired by this show, and made a post about the Utah GeoTour on my blog: 😀

  2. Kim (slyann62) April 24, 2017 at 5:52 pm #

    I’m inspired too. My best college buddy and i are going to start the tour in June! I can’t wait…wish we could start today! Thanks for writing about it!

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