Show 611.1 / MAPP Show 54

NOTE: Show 611.1 is not a regular show.
Listen to a Brief Update to hear why there is no regular show this week.

Presenting MAPP Show #54:
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This is our "Members Appreciation Premium Perk Show", released as BONUS content for all of our Club Members.

In this full featured content-packed show we have...
* Pacholik’s story – “I almost died going for an FTF”
* Nature’s best wayfinding secrets explained
* Audio from our geocaching hike last weekend
* A story of geocaching skills being put to the test
* Exciting satellite news
* Prizes for club members only and much more

One Response to Show 611.1 / MAPP Show 54

  1. October 30, 2017 at 8:00 pm #

    This week’s and last week’s show talked a bit about GPSr accuracy. It was commented that geocaching might get boring or hides harder to make because the GPS being so accurate. That would be true IF we also changed the coordinate system we’re using. If you don’t already have FizzyCalc, get it. One of the things it will do is give you the distance between two coordinates. Give it a point somewhere in your part of the world. Now give it another point changing the last digit of the north or south coordinate. How far is a change in that last digit? Do the same with east or west, and also do it with both. In my part of the world that last digit is about 6 feet. Regardless accurate the GPS system is, the best the coordinate system will do is 6 feet. So I don’t think geocaching will get boring soon in my part of the world.

    And as for Pacholik, he doesn’t hold a patent on doing stupid stuff in the heat. I had similar type experience, except I didn’t pass out, I had shade but no water, and there was no tribute cache, It was soon after that that I got Camelback and also took extra water besides what the bladder would hold.

    And I’ve bugged friends to let others know where they’re going, One, 1st Sgt, called me once from Montana (I’m in Texas) to let me know what cache he was going to and when he should get back. And he called when he was back. That’s how it should be done.

    Want to brag on 1st Sgt again. He was a Nobo on the Appalachian Trail – he hike the entire length of it going north from Georgia to Maine. Every night he had a blog he would get posted so we all knew he was okay.

    BTW, I myself have hiked the whole width o the Appalachian Trail.

    EWB – Tom

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