Take your muggle friend Geocaching, if not, this could happen …

If you take your muggle friend Geocaching you’ll introduce a new soul to the wonderful game that we all enjoy.

If you don’t introduce your muggle friend to Geocaching, they will stop spending time with you and find other activities to occupy their time.

If they don’t spend time with you, they will stay home and take online macrame classes.

They will try to create macrame, but because of a lack of skill and imagination the only things they will end up weaving are huge fishing nets.

Once your friend has created the macrame fishing nets, they will sell the nets to local tuna fishermen who use them to catch tuna.

The tuna fishermen will use them to try and catch tuna, but will accidentally catch and kill hundreds of bottlenose dolphins instead.

This will make national news and your friend will be labeled a dolphin killer.

Your friend will regret being a dolphin killer, will become a recluse and hide away in their home muttering “If only a friend of mine had introduced me to another hobby like Geocaching instead …”

So, you definitely, absolutely MUST take your muggle friend Geocaching!

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One Response to Take your muggle friend Geocaching, if not, this could happen …

  1. Carolyn K July 29, 2017 at 7:48 pm #

    Yup, works every time! Love taking a muggle caching… but then they’re not a muggle any more, and I have to find another!

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